Integrated Management System

The management of quality, health, safety and environmental systems has achieved a high level of development at Primiceri. Social and economic responsibility represents a new branch of the system that is going to follow in the same footsteps. All these elements are an integral part of the Primiceri Management System and they focus on different aspects of Primiceri operations,but the Integrated Management System, from the principles on which it is based, has the capacity to reach the excellence of results in each aspect.

The relationship between the company management and the project management is based on a clear and mutual understanding of the mission, policies and objectives. Primiceri operations are characterised by the internationality and complexity of the projects; nevertheless, Primiceri can manage these aspects and achieve the same standard of quality in each service provided through an effective, reliable and multilevel management system.

The management system is mainly based on three levels, in order to assure a high performance for each operation:

  • Management  level: defining Policy, Guidelines and Standards for all Primiceri Business Units;
  • Operating Business level: defining Policy, Objectives, Organisation, Standards and Procedures to be adopted;
  • Project level: defining Plans and Procedures.


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